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What is Onnea ry?

Onnea ry is an association that assists birthdays of children of deprived families by offering birthday cake/icecream and snacks, decorations and a gift for the birthday. We operate in Kokkola, Finland.

Principles for giving birthday aid

  • The aid is intended for children under the age of 16 for poor families in Kokkola.
  • The aid is provided in the form of cake/ice cream, snacks, drinks, decorations and a gift and their total value is up to 100 euros. Age of the birthday child and number of guests of the birthday party are always taken into account. The value of gift is about 15-20 euros and is included in the total amount. If there are two birthday children to be celebrated at the birthday party, for example twins, both receive their own gift and the maximum value of aid will then be €120.
  • Donation will be brought to the home of the family at a separately agreed time. It will be brought by a board member of Onnea ry. usually together with another volunteer.
  • Aid is provided for a maximum of three children per year per one family.
  • The aid will be granted based on an application that can be found below. Fill in the application at least a month before the birthday party.
  • We grant aid for one birthday party per two weeks period. There are two periods in a month: the first is from 1st to 15th of the month and the other is from 16th to the end of month.
  • It might be that we can not give aid for every family in need. Every applicant will be contacted after the decision.

Do you know a family that needs aid for birthdays?

You can tip us out of a family in need for birthday aid, preferably with the family’s permission. Fill out the tip form here.

Application for birthday party aid


    Street address*

    Postal code and city*



    Has your family gotten aid from Onnea ry before?*
    If answered yes: When have you received birthday aid and to whom?

    Date of birthday party*

    How many years is the birthday child turning? Child's gender? You can also tell us if there is something special that your child likes (e.g. Frozen, Paw Patrol) or whatever he/she hopes for as a gift.*

    Number of guests (tell number of adults and children separate if possible)? Are there any food allergies to be considered?*

    Any other information you would like to tell us?

    The information you provide will be kept secret from third parties. Onnea ry. does not register any personal data of those that have gotten help from us.

    Contact us

    Our e-mail address for all matters except for applications for birthday aid or tips of families that need birthday aid: onneayhdistys (at)

    Want to become a member?

    Do you want to become a member of Onnea ry? Then contact us via email (onneayhdistys (at) and tell us your name, address, email address and phone number. We will then send you a bill to pay the membership fee. We send bills and invitations to meetings via email.

    Our membership fee is usually 20 eur / year, but for students and others that can not afford the normal fee, the lowered membership fee is 5 eur per year. The fee for supporting members that have no voting right in meetings is 50 eur per year.

    Want to support in some other way?

    We gladly receive goods that can be used at birthday parties including snacks and drinks. If you want to donate then contact us via email at onneayhdistys (at)